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Fire Glass Gallery

Check out AZ Backyard Custom’s fire glass gallery below.  We can update your existing fireplace, fire pit, or outdoor fire feature with beautiful fire glass. Don’t see a color you like in our fire glass gallery? Contact us and we’ll work with you to get the color you want. This fire glass is functional in any propane fire pit or feature. We’ll work with you to insure this glass works in your existing fireplace or fire pit….just ask us!

Standard Glass – $4.00 per lb.

Black Fire Glass

Black Fire Glass

Crystal Amber Fire Glass

Amber Fire Glass

Yellow Landscape

Terrazzo Turquoise

Terrazzo Teal

Terrazzo Earth Tone

Terrazzo Chunky Yellow

Terrazzo Chunky Red

Terrazzo Chunky Orange

Purple Terrazzo

Purple Landscape

Lt Green Terrazzo

Lt Blue Terrazzo

Landscape Crystal Clear

Jewel Mix Landscape

Herbal Tea JB

Green Landscape

Green Apple JB

Gray Terrazzo

Gray Landscape

Flat Orange Terrazzo

Dk Green Terrazzo

Dk Blue Terrazzo

Crystal Turquoise Landscape

Crystal Teal Landscape

Crystal Green Landscape

Crystal Clear Terrazzo

Crystal Blue Landscape

Crystal Amber Landscape

Clear Plate Terrazzo

Caribbean Landscape

Blue Landscape

Black Terrazzo

Black Landscape

Amber Terrazzo

Reflective Glass – $4.50 per lb.

Black Reflective Fire Glass

Blue Reflective Fire Glass

Bronze Reflective Fire Glass

Clear Reflective Fire Glass

Copper Reflective Fire Glass

Gray Reflective Fire Glass

Green Reflective Fire Glass

Pebbles – $6.00 per lb.

Rootbeer Pebble

Pineapple Pebble

Glacier Ice Pebble

Cotton Candy Pebble

Blue Raspberry Pebble

Blueberry Pebble

Black Licorice Pebble

Strawberry Pebble