Fire Glass

Fire Glass Add a touch of color and appeal to your gas fireplace with black, clear or colored fire pit glass. Fireplace glass stones fill into your indoor or outdoor natural gas fireplace and display dazzling reflective color and light as the fire burns beneath and around them. The flames slip easily through the spaces in the stones and give off warm, steady heat as well as an inviting, beautiful glow, with no residual ash, soot or smell.

Choose from a variety of fire pit glass colors to match your fireplace or sitting area. Select one solid color for your fireplace or mix colors for a colorful pattern or eye-catching speckle. Polished fire pit glass retains its color and shine throughout years of use and holds heat better than lava rock or wood. Fire pit glass withstands high heat without cracking, melting or discoloring and makes a lovely, crystalline nest to harbor cozy gas fires indoors or outdoors.

Fireplace glass is ideal for clean-burning natural gas fireplaces and fire pits and is not suitable for other fires. Propane gas leaves some residue behind, and darker crystals are recommended. If you don’t see your shade, or you have questions about fire glass, contact Arizona Backyard Custom.

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