The Fine Print

Some tables and most fire features are custom designed and built to your specifications, most work take place in your backyard. We do have a display area in our workshop if you would like to schedule an appointment to view products or to discuss your custom design. Please place a call to our office to schedule a time to stop by, we do take appointments during evening and weekend hours as most daytime hours we are out performing installations. We are also available to come to you for a fire pit or custom fire feature analysis. Powder coat and stone top choices are available in many colors, we have samples available.

Most orders will be completed in four to six weeks. Delivery and installation is available, please check with your sales associate for details. Shipping is available out of state as well as out of the country at the current rate.


Marble, granite, travertine, limestone and slate are quarried products. Stones are a natural honed or polished rock, not factory-made or fired. No two pieces are alike and there are inherent variances in all stone. These characteristics may be color and shade variations, irregular markings, voids, pitting, veins, and differences in density causing sheen variations. It is a standard practice to repair some of these variations by one or more of the following methods; waxing, grinding or filling. Due to normal wear, cracks and voids may appear; these can be readily repaired using floor grout and/or epoxy. All of these variations and characteristics are common and present, to some degree. However, these characteristics are part of the natural beauty of the stone and will not impair the function or wearing qualities of the material.

Natural Stone is a product of nature and therefore subject to inherent variations in color, veining and dimensions. Natural Stones mineral characteristics create a visible texture within the stone and are to be expected in the finished product. Pitting, dry veins & fissures can be part of the stone.


For stone top fire pits you must SLOWLY warm up the fire feature. Warming to fast may cause the stone to crack and is not covered by our one year warranty.

This appliance is designed as an “attended fire feature”. Adults must be present when the unit is operating. DO NOT leave this unit burning when unattended. If this product is left burning unattended it may cause damage or serious injury. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.

THIS IS A FIRE! Give it all the respect you would give to any fire.

Your fire feature is for outdoor use only. The unit should be installed a least (ten) 10′ from center of burner to any combustible walls for materials. It must not be installed under ay type of ceiling or overhang without a minimum of (ten) 10′ clearance.

When shutting down the unit, be sure to turn the control valve fully off. Glass, rocks and other materials in the fire pit will remain hot for several minutes after fire is shut off so please use caution.